The Almost Sisters: 4/5 Stars

The Almost Sisters Joshilyn Jackson 2017 Fiction, Drama 4/5 Stars   Summary: Leia Birch Briggs is a graphic novelist with a popular series under her belt - something that her step-sister Rachel doesn't understand and doesn't care for. Always prim and proper Rachel is married to Leia's childhood best friend turned enemy, but she doesn't … Continue reading The Almost Sisters: 4/5 Stars

October Spooky Reads

I'm a little late in making this post, but being the basic witch that I am I have to share the two books that I read during October that were very on-theme. Much like I listen to Christmas music all year 'round I read scary/mystery books all year 'round, but there's something about being in … Continue reading October Spooky Reads

A different kind of King novel: The Eyes of the Dragon

Title: The Eyes of the Dragon Author: Stephen King Genre: Fantasy Rating: 4/5 Stars   Summary: King Roland rules the Kingdom of Delain with the help of sorcerer Flagg who advises him on all matters including his family relationships. King Roland has two sons: Peter and Thomas. Peter, the eldest, quickly becomes the king's favorite … Continue reading A different kind of King novel: The Eyes of the Dragon

First read of 2019: Ink and Bone

Title: Ink and Bone Author: Rachel Caine Published: 2015 Genre: Fantasy/Dystopian Rating: 5/5   Summary: The Great Library controls the public's access to knowledge using Alchemy, strict rules and often brutal force. It is forbidden for anyone to personally own physical copies of original texts, but through individual Codexes they can access titles that the … Continue reading First read of 2019: Ink and Bone

Review: Shirley

Author: Susan Scarf Merrell Published: 2014 Genre: Fiction Rating: 3.5/5 Summary: Fred, a young graduate student, and Rose Nemser, his pregnant wife, move into the home of author Shirley Jackson and her husband Stanley Edgar Hyman when Fred begins to teach at Bennington College. It is an unconventional household that fosters strained relationships. Shirley and … Continue reading Review: Shirley

Review: The Fountainhead

Title: The Fountainhead Author: Ayn Rand Published: 1943 Rating: 3.5/5     Summary: This modern classic is the story of intransigent young architect Howard Roark, whose integrity was as unyielding as granite...of Dominique Francon, the exquisitely beautiful woman who loved Roark passionately, but married his worst enemy...and of the fanatic denunciation unleashed by an enraged society … Continue reading Review: The Fountainhead