The Almost Sisters

Joshilyn Jackson


Fiction, Drama

4/5 Stars



Leia Birch Briggs is a graphic novelist with a popular series under her belt – something that her step-sister Rachel doesn’t understand and doesn’t care for. Always prim and proper Rachel is married to Leia’s childhood best friend turned enemy, but she doesn’t know the truth about why their friendship was torn apart so many years ago.

One drunken night with a stranger for Leia and one devastating discovery about her husband’s finances for Rachel lead the two sisters on a new course that strengthens their bond but tests everything they’ve ever known.

Leia’s life is further upended when she learns that her beloved grandmother Birchie is sick and she has to go down to Alabama to get things settled. Family history and skeletons that should have stayed buried come to light.


This was another surprisingly great audiobook for me. I picked it because the main character is a graphic novelist, and I’m glad I did. Family dramas aren’t typically something I like to read because the characters tend to be whiny, but other than Rachel being high and mighty I liked the characters in this book. The story had enough layers and genuine problems that it wasn’t boring. I could just be partial to the southern setting since I’m from the South, but Jackson did a good job of depicting the South in a true manner.

The relationships between Leia and Rachel and Birchie and Wattie are the focus of this novel. Jackson gives insights into their beginnings and history, and it’s lovely to see friendships and relationships stand the test of time.

I definitely want to read more of Jackson’s books now that I know she can master settings and characters. I fully recommend this to anyone who wants a family drama that isn’t boring and has interesting characters that actually get fleshed out.


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