Title: The Eyes of the Dragon

Author: Stephen King

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 4/5 Stars



King Roland rules the Kingdom of Delain with the help of sorcerer Flagg who advises him on all matters including his family relationships. King Roland has two sons: Peter and Thomas. Peter, the eldest, quickly becomes the king’s favorite child – the whole kingdom’s favorite successor to the throne.  One night King Roland dies from an apparent poisoning, and Peter becomes the number one suspect. Accused, he is locked in the prison tower where he concocts a plan to escape and prove his innocence. Due to Peter’s incarceration, Thomas ascends to the throne and comes to rely heavily on Flagg for all of his decisions. Secrets and lies are exposed, and the fate of the kingdom hangs in the balance.


My first four star of the year!

I finished this book fairly quickly. It is written in an easy-to-comprehend style, but King wrote this book for his daughter who enjoys fantasy stories. That makes this novel a genre departure for the prolific horror writer. Stephen King is one of my favorite authors because of his attention to detail, which ironically is one reason that a large population of people dislike his stories. My brother, for example, thinks all of the details are tedious and unnecessary. My type-A personality breathes in details. That being said, this book is certainly not as wordy and explanation-filled as his typical novels, but you still get a great feel for the setting and the characters’ personalities.

The plot is not intricate. There is a clear bad guy, a good guy who has been treated unfairly, and escape and rescue plans that in some way or another go awry. For me it was interesting how the characters devised their schemes, and a fantasy setting is almost always intriguing.

It’s not an in-depth novel that requires intense concentration, but it is a fun read. I enjoyed King branching out with his genres, and I would recommend this for those who don’t like his normal works.

Plus, my edition has wonderful illustrations throughout it that add to the fantastical element in my opinion.


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